African Writer / Best Storytellers

British Nigerian, Nduka Onwuegbute, writer develops a strong stomach in shining the light on the ills of modern life. War, corruption, and betrayal are some of the Onwuegbute’s subject matter.


Wood gasifier plans

DIY wood gasifier plans are being released in this new book about gasification. It’s the perfect alternative energy for survivalists, preppers and people in developing countries. Make free fuel from trees and power backup generators. Cool!

Check it out at:

Genre: DIY, survivalist, prepper, back to the land

Transportation from Orlando airport to Port Canaveral

Here is an excellent video. Its Port Canaveral transportation with Town Car Now. They are a first class town car service of Orlando for getting from Port Canaveral to Orlando or to Disney World. If you need transportation from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral or transportation from Orlando to Port Canaveral give them a call.

Happiness Book – Happiness

A video on the effect of social media in our level of happiness. Are social media tools good or bad for us? Should we post there all the time?